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One of the industry’s most respected and trusted construction experts in SWFL

CGC#059261  |  BN#2275  |  35 years of hands-on construction experience


Michael brings decades of proven experience, long-lasting client and supplier relationships, and personal warmth and integrity to every project. A passionate proponent of construction integrity, Michael personally advocates for homeowners drawing upon his 35 years of hands-on construction experience and thorough working knowledge of residential construction projects, both large and small. 

Michael owned a design-build remodeling firm for 30 years before selling it to one of his key sales managers. During this time, he developed relationships and gained valuable experience working with tradesmen, vendors, suppliers, and staff. Through refinement and experience, he created a proven design-build project management process that guaranteed a finished outcome and met or exceeded client expectations. This in-depth knowledge of every phase of the construction process from pre-design, design, construction, and post-construction, has proven to be invaluable to homeowners seeking answers to their pressing residential construction questions.

A man of true integrity, Michael has always valued working with people openly and honestly. This natural tendency of Michael had earned him honor, trust, and respect over the years. In turn, he also mastered conflict resolution—helping facilitate any team through rough waters when tempers flare and relationships are tested.

Now, as Michael embraces a new chapter in his life, he is excited to share his gift of knowledge and experience in a new way—still helping people, but as a guide (a conductor of sorts) who orchestrates people through construction-related issues. He has a true desire to help homeowners through uncertainty in a complex home remodel or new home construction. When clarity is needed in a construction project and you need objectivity and a deep desire to instill confidence in the “right direction," Michael is your man.

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