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”My husband Mike and I hired Michael at the recommendation of our attorney due to construction issues we discovered after the slab was poured in our custom new construction home. Michael was crucial in helping us to decide a direction once we realized we had critical issues. Once we were able to work beyond this phase, Michael was with us every step of the way forcing framers, roofers, window installers, HVAC contractors etc. to perform quality work.  Many times his punch lists  and comments/concerns uncovered shoddy workmanship that if not corrected could have resulted in catastrophic consequences on down the road. We cannot say enough good things about Michael, his knowledge, tenacity and ability to build consensus to get work done the right way. Hiring Michael was the smartest thing we did – he literally has saved our home and our sanity.“


Catherine P.

Fort Myers, FL 

“When we first met Mike Spreckelmeier we had no idea what to do or who we could trust. After our contractor left us high and dry, our family was left with a complete mess of a remodel  project.  Mike has spent many hours working with my family during one of the worst times in our lives, he has been a pro through the whole painful and frustrating process.  Mike was able to come in and make sense of our disaster by listening to our priorities, concerns and goals. Mike has proven himself to be extremely ethical, detail oriented and brings a wealth of experience in the construction field to your project.”


Rachel R.

Fort Myers, FL 

“I used Michael’s consulting services as I navigated my first home purchase and am so grateful I did. When the inspection revealed an issue that threatened to cancel the contract and delay closing, Michael listened and understood my goals and worked diligently toward them for me. With his assistance, I got to closing day with confidence in my purchase and excitement to plan upcoming renovations with his continued consulting services. Whether you know what you need or don’t know what you don’t know — Michael should be your first call.”

Colby K.

Fort Myers, FL

"I think during negotiations with Michael Spreckelmeier, that he was very honest. This gave me a great sense of trust. I felt I was entrusting my home to a friend!"


Linda Z.

Fort Myers, FL



"Michael Spreckelmeier is the true representation of what you first expect in hiring a general contractor; honest, professional and attentive to your needs. He is as caring to his community as he is with all his clients and colleagues. His construction knowledge and integrity are proven through the results of his hard work."


Samantha H.

Fort Myers, FL



"When we met Michael we finally felt safe, we had heard so many horror stories regarding contractors and we took a long time to finally take the leap!"


Jeremy M.

Cape Coral, FL



"Michael Spreckelmeier has completed several significant projects for my wife and I, including adding a second floor, totally remodeling our first floor, and adding an outdoor kitchen and bocce court to our lanai area. All projects were completed on time, on budget, and not a spec of dust when the projects are finished. Michael is a special person with impeccable integrity and would certainly be my first call if I ever have another project."


Duke D.

Bonita Springs, FL



"I have known Michael personally, professionally and as a client for over a decade and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a construction consultant. Michael brings a wealth of construction knowledge with him to every conversation to help you make the right decision for your circumstances, he is conscientious of the costs and timeliness of a project and he is still the only contractor I have ever met with that shows up to every meeting with a written agenda to make sure everything is covered and buttoned before you adjourn. You won’t be disappointed if you hire Michael Spreckelmeier!"


Josh D.

Alva, FL



"From the moment we met and talked with Michael, we knew that our project was in excellent hands. His attention to detail, diligence in keeping things on track, his honesty and integrity, as well as his complete knowledge of construction gave us the assurance that all would be well. And it was! The project was completed on time with nary a flaw. The experience was so good that we used him for our next project."


John and Barb F.

Bonita Springs, FL



"This consulting job is ideal for Michael . His primary strength, over others, is his experience and his personality. He is good at representing a client or a contractor. A lot of people will hire a small general contractor but don’t know anything about how a construction project progresses. Having someone like Michael walk them through the process from design, permitting, and construction would be an excellent value to any home remodeling project.


Michael also knows so many people and has worked with hundreds of homeowners in Southwest Florida. If he’s worked with many clients, he has worked with that many more subcontractors."


Bob S.

Fort Myers, FL



"We didn’t have any fears, after working with Michael. We had so many meetings with him prior to starting. He came prepared with timelines, he did his homework, he was organized and had a plan that was followed to the ‘T’. He knows what it takes to produce a successful remodeling outcome.


Also, we had an issue with leaks around our lanai from the overhang areas. We weren’t getting results with the roofer. So, we contacted Michael and he stepped in. He actually knew the roofer. He had worked with him before. Michael took care of everything. He was not brash, but diplomatic and communicates what he expects. He fixed our issue without conflict."


Barbara F.

Bonita Springs, FL

”We enlisted the help of Spreck Consulting about three months into our master bathroom and closet remodel. We hired a General Contractor to perform our remodel and started to have several concerns with the products and process in which the GC was performing. We noticed some items were not per contract, the framing did not meet the design and they were not taking the proper measures to protect the area (our home). Not to mention the project was severely behind schedule. We voiced our concerns with the GC, but we were not getting results. We hired Michael with Spreck Consulting to review the work, the contract and our options. Michael did a thorough inspection of the project and documents. He then provided us with a qualified expert report of the issues and expectations. He offered to deliver the report and speak with the GC on our behalf. The GC responded immediately after receiving the report. Michael took a huge burden off our plates for a very reasonable fee. Michael saved us time and money with our large remodel. A company like Spreck Consulting ensures that all parties are treated fairly and we were very happy with the final results!“

Donnie and Amber T.

Fort Myers, FL


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