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Homeowner’s Consultant

Michael and Homeowners

Take the hard work out of difficult residential construction projects

The most complex and stressful project you and your family will likely ever undertake is a home construction or renovation project. At each and every phase hundreds of decisions have to be made, resources acquired, and dozens of vendors and their teams coordinated — and all that within a tight timeline and predetermined budget. 


Some homeowners choose to place the burden of all these responsibilities on their own backs, hoping to maintain better control and save some money. But wise homeowners have learned how to work smarter instead of harder by hiring an experienced, proven, and friendly homeowner’s consultant to become their trusted project manager. 


Michael makes it easy for homeowners to work smarter instead of harder.

Ensure your new custom home or remodeling project runs as smoothly and economically as possible

A passionate proponent of construction integrity, Michael personally advocates for homeowners drawing upon his 35 years of hands-on construction experience and thorough working knowledge of residential construction projects, both large and small. 


Need a construction dispute resolved?

Whether it’s dealing with cost overruns, questionable construction quality, or difficult personalities, Michael will stay impartial and is exceptionally good at staying out in front of issues – developing strategic solutions to resolve problems before they impact your project.

Need an easy way to hit every milestone?

Keeping a project team on schedule is complicated – and every additional day impacts your budget. Get the help you need from a trusted expert to help identify issues, reestablish critical milestones, and get your project, and your budget, back on track.


Ready to deal in facts?

A man of true integrity, you can expect all information from Michael to be delivered to you honestly and objectively. This means all of Michael’s decisions are made with personal conviction rather than popular opinion or financial gain.

Start Your Journey Toward
Construction Clarity


Are you ready to meet Michael?

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