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A Message from Michael Spreckelmeier

I know you have plenty to worry about when facing a daunting construction project, and deciding whether or not to hire a consultant is just one of the many questions homeowners face. Even if you’re sold on hiring a consultant, you might have concerns about their professionalism, expertise, and objectivity. The last thing you need is to compound your challenges with a mismatched or incapable leader. 


To be frank, selling myself isn’t one of my strong points. I don’t like to boast, and prefer that my work and my relationships built over decades speak for themselves. But what I sincerely do love to share is the love of my job, and how I’ve made hundreds of homeowners much like yourself feel calm throughout an otherwise stressful project, and ultimately very happy with the results. 


After more than 35 years in the business, and having managed and sold my own design-build firm, I’m ready for the next phase of my career: being a trusted and essential partner to homeowners just like you who feel worried, overwhelmed, and stressed about a complex construction or renovation project. My goal is to help you succeed and even make it fun. 


I’m confident and eager to do that for you thanks to years of direct, hands-on experience with virtually every aspect of the renovation process. From pre-design to design, construction, and post-construction, I’ve created my own systems and “been there and done that,” encountering and conquering everything that can go wrong — and sooner or later did go wrong. 


I also have deep familiarity with a wide range of projects and clients, no doubt including jobs much like yours. But the source of my greatest pride is my long-lasting and deep relationships with clients, contractors, vendors, all the way to the many hundreds of experts and craftspeople who get the work done. We’re ultimately a people business, and I put you at the very top. 


Don’t get me wrong, things go wrong and tempers can flare. That’s when my values are tested, and I am given the privilege to communicate and resolve disputes with honor, trust, and mutual respect. You can team up with the smartest consultant in the world, but if they can’t smoothly manage teams and make you feel assured, listened to, and special, then there’s no point. 


By putting people first, and sticking to my values, I’ve gained a solid reputation backed by great work. I’m eager to leverage not only my technical expertise but also my extended network of professional relationships to make every aspect of your renovation as smooth, efficient, and economical for you as possible. When we partner, you can safely leave your worries with me. 


Many people work because they need to, and I’m blessed to be able to partner with you because I want to. Few things in life bring me more joy than to create a lasting and heartfelt relationship with homeowners like you, forged through rigorous planning, breathtaking design, meticulous high-quality residential construction projects, and driven by a precise timeline and budget. 


My ultimate goal is to exceed your wildest expectations — and to do so in a way that’s honest, straightforward, and even enjoyable. Gone are the days of sleepless nights. Here’s our opportunity to get to know each other, and to determine if we’re a great match.

Michael Spreckelmeier and David Wherry at the 2022 NARI awards
Michael and Tracey at the 2022 NARI awards
Michael at the palm tree farm
Michael the fisherman

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