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Master of Home. Master of Class.

Spreck Construction Consulting is an always real, always honest, always straightforward construction expert who caters to like-minded homeowners in Lee and Collier Counties—a respected leader with strength of character and true integrity. This means that Michael makes decisions based on personal conviction rather than popular opinion or financial gain. Acting with a solid sense of purpose, he does what he thinks is right because it is right, not because it’s easy, convenient, or personally beneficial. This strength has also earned Michael a long-standing reputation in the construction industry for being trustworthy, impartial, unbiased, steadfast, and staying the course under fire. 

Driven to help people with their construction challenges, Michael has high standards with a trained eye for imperfections or subpar craftsmanship. He is a state-certified building inspector and general contractor who also owned and operated a reputable design-build remodeling firm for 30 years. As such, he offers expertise in a variety of disciplines, drawing upon his many years of personal, hands-on construction experiences and a thorough working knowledge of his craft. 


This makes him deeply valuable to homeowners and legal professionals who are looking for clarity and certainty in a world of residential construction complexity and ambiguity.

Our Journey


Michael Spreckelmeier achieved a lot since 1987, and we know there’s more on the horizon. Here are key events that got Michael where he is:

Why we do what we do 


Driven by excellence and honor, Spreck Construction Consulting is motivated to help homeowners receive a high standard of quality construction from contractors they hire; solve problems that exist as a result of hiring the wrong contractor, and help contractors get paid in full for the services they complete to quality construction standards and contract specifications. 

Also a master of his craft, Spreck Construction Consulting enjoys creating value for homeowners and legal professionals by preventing, identifying, and mitigating construction risk. He sees a world where homeowners achieve predictable, quality results in remodeling or building a new home; and all stakeholders (homeowners, designers, architects, subcontractors, contractors, specialists, legal professionals, etc.) work transparently and collaboratively together to achieve the same goal.

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