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Attorney’s Consultant

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Cases involving residential construction can be complex, demanding specialized expertise and often an expert witness who is a local, credible authority. You’ve come to the right place to find such a nuanced but invaluable resource with Michael Spreckelmeier. 

What is an Attorney’s Consultant?


An Attorney’s Consultant is an industry veteran capable of providing highly specialized information necessary for your case, and when necessary appear as an expert witness. Effective Attorney’s Consultants are knowledgeable, credible, and capable of communicating their experience and expertise in a straightforward manner. 

How Can A Qualified Attorney’s Consultant Help You?


Residential construction cases are as varied as your clients, so you’ll need a trusted, reliable, and eminently qualified local expert with direct knowledge of everything related to the lawsuit. Your exact needs will be contingent on the dynamics of your case, of course, but in general a useful Attorney’s Consultant can support your work in numerous ways, including: 


  • Building code, permits, and other municipal legal reviews

  • Industry standard benchmarking and comparisons

  • Damage assessments and accountability determinations

  • Quality control oversights and other detailed examinations


When to Hire an Attorney’s Consultant, and What to Look For


The simplest and best answer is “As soon as possible.” That’s because a powerful case is an informed case, and an informed case is best from the very beginning. By hiring a qualified Attorney’s Consultant early on, you’ll have a strategic wingman to best structure your case, and substantiate your assertions and objections with the best information available. Don’t wait. 


Two factors come into play when vetting the right candidate for your case: First, you’ll need a proven construction industry expert to evaluate your case through the lens of established industry standards and the nuances of what went wrong. Secondly, you’ll need this expert to be local to ensure their expertise is precisely aligned with the specific bureaucratic and quality control details of where the problems occurred. 


In addition to knowledge and geography, an effective Attorney’s Consult needs personality. That’s a much more subjective and therefore difficult metric to assess, but is equally important -- especially if calling on them as an expert witness. The most experienced and smartest consultant can still drop the ball for you if they can’t clearly and compellingly articulate their expertise. So ensure you vet them based on their charisma and communication skills, too. 

Why Spreck?

The ideal Attorney’s Consult for your construction or renovation case would have decades of hands-on experience across every aspect of the industry from planning through implementation, from codes and permits to quality control and service guarantees. 


Such an expert would have owned and managed their own construction and renovation firm, directly managed all staff, and handled all client relationships. They would be a respected figure throughout the industry, and lauded for their work throughout their community. 


Thanks to decades of hands-on experience and achievements within a community, your qualified expert would also have long-lasting and deep relationships with the entire local network of tradespeople, vendors, suppliers, and staffers. 


In terms of vetting, such a perfect candidate could showcase a portfolio of work similar to what’s being contested in your case, have excellent strategic and communication skills to partner with from the get go, and have the charisma to be convincing in front of a judge and jury. 


Sounds daunting, but the great news is you need not look any further. Michael Spreckelmeier is a 35-year veteran who crosses every checkbox in this list of prerequisites: He’s owned and operated his own firm, knows every aspect of the construction process and industry, and is a local celebrity. 


Most importantly, Michael is passionate about providing his clients with the highest quality work. He’s at the phase in his career where being a consultant enables him to partner with the level of trust, professionalism, and expertise beckoning of a local industry legend. 

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